The Women of Prosperity

Welcome to The Women Of Prosperity.

I created this monthly meeting for women to join me for COMPLIMENTARY information and education on finance. I cover industry jargon and definintions, understanding investment vehicles, saving, budgeting, and other current topics for women's wealth and wellness.  

Women investors have unique challenges to saving for retirement and other financial goals. That is why I strongly believe in the need for finanancial guidance that is unique to a woman's needs. 

There are several challenges that women investors face that male investors do not. Number one being longevity (outliving their spouses and finances). 

Women earn roughly half of the income that men do. That number includes time off to raise families and taking care of aging parents. 

Ladies, you must make your money work harder and smarter for you for you, but how? You can start with saving, budgeting and knocking out debt. Without a budget, your money is telling you what and where it is going; you need to tell your money what to do.

Women assume total control over finances under difficult circumstances, like divorce or death of a spouse. I will show you how to get yourself ready for any possible emergencies by teaching you how to get involved with your finances, protect your income, have a plan and understand the tools you have in place NOW.  

You can join my monthly group for women called The Women of Prosperity by sending me an email for more information at