In Our Community

At the heart of our community initiatives is Darla Pellersels, RFC®, our dedicated Founder and President. Darla is deeply committed to making a positive impact locally, especially for the benefit of beginning investors, our children and troops.

Empowering Young Minds with Financial Education

Recognizing a gap in financial education for our youth, Darla took the initiative to develop a program tailored for elementary school children. Volunteering her time each year, she delivers engaging lessons on financial basics, customized for various grade levels. Topics covered include the Value Of Money, Budgeting and Saving, Needs vs Wants, Supply and Demand, Understanding Stocks and Bonds, and Debt Management. Darla firmly believes in equipping young minds with the foundational knowledge of finance, one classroom at a time.  

Supporting Our Troops with Gratitude

Hailing from a proud Air Force family, Darla's patriotism fuels her commitment to supporting our military. She initiated the Letters To Troops campaign, inviting elementary school children to express their gratitude to service members overseas through heartfelt letters. Over the years, Darla was able to deliver tens of thousands of letters from Henderson and Las Vegas elementary students to servicemen and women, acknowledging their sacrifices and dedication.

Empowering Financial Literacy for All

In addition to her work with children and troops, Darla extends her expertise to the wider community by offering free financial education classes for beginners. These sessions are open to anyone eager to enhance their financial knowledge and decision-making skills. Designed to empower individuals to take charge of their financial future, these classes cover a range of topics. Visit our events page to discover the right class for you.