At Prosperity Financial Associates we are on YOUR side of the table. We look for what is in YOUR best interest, not ours. We believe beyond a doubt that it is YOUR financial journey that matters.  

Our Process is simple. We focus on you.

We first listen to understand, not to respond. That's right. We want to fully understand what you want to accomplish. Not just in your portfolio but in your life as well as your legacy. Then we build a plan to that is focused on those things that are important to you.

Once we build that plan Prosperity Financial will monitor the progress of your portfolio to keep it on track with your goals. We also meet with you to make sure that as your dreams and goals evolve so does your portfolio. Investing. Simplified for you.

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Giving you a voice in your future.

Prosperity Financial Associates was founded on the principle of giving every client a voice in their financial future by providing a simple process and guidance. Prosperity Financial Associates strives to make an impact in everyone's portfolios to fund their dreams and goals, no matter what the size. We know you only get one chance to do it right and you need to have someone with your best interests first and foremost.

If it is important to YOU, it is important to US.

We provide financial guidance in each chapter of your life.

 When selecting a financial advisor, we at Prosperity Financial know it is important that you to find an advisor who aligns with your values and goals. We know that you are searching for more. You want to be heard. You want to be more than an amount of money your advisor manages. You want someone that has been there and understands that investing can be a bit intimidating.

You don't need to have all the answers, that's what you have us for.  

Social and Sustainable Investing

Want to make an impact in the world while investing for your future? 

At Prosperity Financial we offer Social and Sustainable investing so you can incorporate your values and beliefs into your portfolio. You shouldn't have to choose between your financial future and your values

Free Classes For You.

Through our monthly FREE classes we strive to give you the knowledge you need to navigate your financial journey along with your advisor. Prosperity Financial believes strongly that making a difference in our youth and our community will change their future. 

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