Prosperity Financial Associates provides guidance in each chapter of your life so WE can reach YOUR goals together.


Founder and President - Darla Pellersels, RFC®

Darla is a strong leader and advocate for investors of every level. She founded Prosperity Financial Associates on the principle of giving every client exemplary financial planning and investment guidance. After a few years in the financial industry she noticed a trend with typical advisors focusing on the amount of money the client has instead of the clients goals and needs. Darla felt that advisors should do more to make an impact in everyone's portfolios to fund their dreams and goals, no matter how big or small. She knows you only get one chance to do it right and you need to have someone with your best interests first and foremost.

If it is important to you, it is important to Darla.

Co-Founder and Vice President - Chad Pellersels

Chad is Darla's best friend of 21 years, her incredible husband and the biggest supporter she has. He is the foundation that Darla leans on when she needs it. Chad is a hard-working man who encouraged Darla to pursue the Prosperity Financial dream of changing the lives of many hard working people, like him, that are not presented with the opportunity to meet with an advisor that can create a plan to meet their dreams. Too many people are overlooked because of biases and he is ready to change that.


Future Owners of Prosperity Financial - The Pellersels Kids

Ok, they are too young to know what they want to do in the future but these two are the reason behind our why. These kids have inspired Darla to spread as much financial education to kids of all ages. From elementary to teen, even adults, financial literacy is desperately needed. Darla has started focusing on free education for all in Southern Nevada.

These kids are the ones that have sacrificed the most time away from their mom, Darla, as she builds and redefines Prosperity Financial Associates and they are proud of what their parents have done for others!


The Directors of First Impressions - Lisa and Bridgette

The sweet voices you hear when you call Prosperity Financial. Lisa and Bridgette are always the first ladies to offer a warm smile, friendly greeting and a cup of coffee. They start myvisitors off on the right foot from the time they step in the door.