Welcome to The Women Of Prosperity

We are encouraging more women, not fewer men, to get involved and educated about thier financial position today and tomorrow.

The Women of Prosperity was created for women, and those that love them, to have access to complimentary information on topics that are both educational and important to them. Topics have included industry jargon and definintions, understanding investment vehicles, saving, budgeting, social security strategies, and women's wealth and wellness.  


Women investors have unique challenges to saving for retirement and other financial goals. That is why we strongly believe in the need for finanancial guidance that is unique to a woman's needs. This is not a womens only class,  we are just encouraging more women to get involved in thier own retirement and investments.

The following are just a few challenges that women investors face:

Not enough representation in the financial industry. Only 16% of advisors are women and can understand thier needs.

Longevity (outliving their spouses and finances). Most advisors plan up to thier male's date of dealth leaving the women without sufficient funds to support themselves until thier passing. 

Women earn roughly half of the income that men do. That number includes time off to raise families and taking care of aging parents. 

Women must make thier money work harder and smarter to reach thier future goals, but find there is a lack of financial education geared towrds their needs.

Women assume total control over finances under difficult circumstances, like divorce or death of a spouse but don't understand the tools they have or need in place. 

These are just a few of the  challenges that simple financial education can change. Please join our monthy group for women called The Women of Prosperity by sending me an email for more information at Darla@Prosperityfinancialassoc.com or visiting our events page. 



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