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Darla is the President of Prosperity Financial Associates. She is also a wife and mother of two beautiful children. She has dedicated herself to expanding the reach of financial education to include Military, Individuals, Business Owners and School children.

Darla wanted to support our active duty troops serving in war zones away from thier families so she headed a letter campaign "LETTERS TO TROOPS" where she brings together elementary children across the valley and encouranges them to write letters to our military and veterans recovering in hospitals. Through Letters to Troops, Darla recieved several accomodations for her efforts including congressional recognition from United States Congressman Joe Heck. 

Darla most recently develeped a program for elementary school children to learn how to budget money. She has taught this class for several years with much success. She is focusing on expanding the education into the Jr High. and Senior High School areas as well as a program to education teachers and parents on their finances.

Darla has spoken alongside Chris Hogan on two different occassions, infront of active duty military and thier spouses to help them with the financial education that is lacking across our military installations. She then met with many of them to help them set up their budget and debt snowball. This was a volunteer effort Darla has also develpoped mobile benefits for small business owners that will help the business owner provide benefits with little or no cost to the owner. This will help the smaller business owner be more competitive when hiring employees.

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