Our Inspiration, Linda Johnson

Our inspritation for the Tree of Life

The symbol of Prosperity Financial is a tree of life. I chose that image in honor of an amazingly strong and brave woman in my life for many years, Linda Johnson.

Linda was my father's wife and true love of 25 years. Linda is no longer with us because cancer took her from her loved ones here on earth. A few months before she passed, we went to Disney World in Florida with my kids, my husband my father and Linda. In one of the theme parks, I walked past an enormous tree. Linda, stopped to observe this tree of life with intertwined animals carved into the trunk. “This,” she said. “This is what it's all about. We are all together. We are all one.”

As she stared at that tree, I watched her face. It was filled with determination and an inner strength that was bigger than that tree. She was weak from fighting cancer, fighting for her life; looking at this tree, she knew it wasn't about her or her cancer; it was about others on this earth. Linda knew that she was going to pass away. 

On the way home from that trip, her doctor called and said they had exhausted all treatment options to help her fight the cancer that had returned after almost five years. I remember watching Linda that day. Her body was frail, but she took that information like the warrior she is. She shared with me that her biggest fear wasn't the unknown of death, but it was her legacy.

When I think of Linda and the tree of life, I think of legacy, strength, passion, and a fierce warrior that believes we are all one. I hope to pass a bit of her legacy on to every one of my clients, because she was right. It's all about what the tree of life represents; it's all about us helping one another.

For these reasons, we at Prosperity Financial Associates feel the tree of life logo truly represents our company.